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Sat, Jun 20


Carmel Mountain National Park

Wild Love Wild Nature Global Activation Fire Temple #1, Mount Carmel

Global synchronized ritual - we are opening a portal connected to 100 fires around the globe for the first Wild Love Temple series

הכרטיסים לא במבצע
הציגו אירועים אחרים
 Wild Love Wild Nature Global Activation Fire Temple #1, Mount Carmel
 Wild Love Wild Nature Global Activation Fire Temple #1, Mount Carmel

Time & Location

Jun 20, 2020, 7:00 PM – Jun 21, 2020, 9:00 AM

Carmel Mountain National Park, Haifa, Israel


Wild love ritual

A dusk till dawn

Solstice to eclipse

Light to dark

Spirit to matter

Global synchronized ritual

We are opening a portal

Connected to 100 fires around the globe

Inviting in the arising consciousness of wild love

Returning to wild nature as our true nature - as part of her and not separate from her

We are here to vibrate soul

The true self out through the form of matter

We are bringing the soul through the layers of our bodies , skin , flesh , veins blood bones

Release the chains of conformity

And cultural repression

And initiating a new culture to continue from that point

This is not a summer celebration

This not a camping night

This is the landing and anchoring of a new spirit through our body and matter

The dark feminine is wild nature

The immature masculine is afraid of her and he is taming her in humanity and in nature

Trying to control the environment control the feminine

Creating an illusion of safety

Avoiding life to avoid death

And it’s clearly appears in the primal initiations of birth death and sex

Keeping it clean and sterile

Avoiding the juices and the smells in order to create these nice little images of civilization.

In tantra the Only choice is true self or conditioned self, we are choosing true self

This overnight nature temple of eros is part of the Wild Love Global Movement. The fire will burn as we move through light and dark and back to light again with the portals of the solstice and eclipse. Connect to the soul of the earth through our bodies.


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