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Mon, Nov 23


Pardes Hanna-Karkur

Introduction evening to Satori's Priesthood Initiation Training

Learn to master the subtle realms of energy and magic and speak the language of shamanism.

הרישום נסגר
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Introduction evening to Satori's Priesthood Initiation Training
Introduction evening to Satori's Priesthood Initiation Training

Time & Location

Nov 23, 2020, 7:00 PM

Pardes Hanna-Karkur, Pardes Hanna-Karkur, Israel


Learn to master the subtle realms of energy and magic and speak the language of shamanism. Uncover the deep callings of your soul and discover how life wants to vibrate through you in the most powerful and fullest expression.

Our transformative Priesthood Initiation program is run over 2 modules.

Module 1: Join our 3 month intensive Priesthood Initiation, becoming an embodied Priest/Priestess in the arts of tantric living, sexual shamanism, magic, witchcraft and temple arts. Awaken ancient wisdom that is already within you, reveal your mystical archetype and unleash your true self as an expression of life force.

An embodied, hands on practice with both theoretical and experiential teachings; cognitive and somatic. Transformative group and individual process. You will both give and receive bodywork and tantra sessions and practice serving as a Priest/ess in the temple.

The training is built on a foundation of self sovereignty, moving into group synergy and sacredness. We will teach consent, boundaries and how to be centred in yourself, however it is recommended you have a solid basis of self awareness to begin with.

*Contact Celia for registration and enquiries Whatsapp 050-3707039

12 weekly meetings on Mondays from 4pm -11pm and

Starting 21/12/2020 finish 15/3/2021 every Monday Except for the 22/2 when there will not be a meeting. 3 weekends 2021; January 8-9, Feb 5-6, Mar 5-6.

8800 NIS Individual Registration 8000/person Couple Registration Payment plans available. Limited spaces, pre-registration is essential.

Curriculum summary: Embodiment: Breathwork, dance, yoga, sound; song, mantra, sound healing

Magic : Elements, animism, altar creation & deity worship, cards, crystals, incense

Sexual Shamanism & Temple Arts: Shamanic Rituals, Prayer, sacred spot, yoni/lingham massage, sex magic, running eros as a mean to alternate consciousness or raise your energy level, HTP - healing though pleasure

Dearmouring; Shamanic, energetic & physiological, PTP - presence through pain, genital & anal

Energy Mastery: Chakras, nadis, energetic orgasms, emotions, 5 bodies

Tantric Awakening: Consciousness, presence/mindfulness, 4 stages of kundalini activation, masculine/feminine shiva/shakti principals, meditation, daily practice, archetypes, life coaching

The training will be primarily in English.

Module 1 graduates can apply to continue on to module 2 to deepen into using this wisdom for session work and the role of Daka/Dakini - sacred sexuality/tantric awakening facilitator.


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